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About Juicy Honey Cards!

I am a private collector and will entertain trade offers for most cards on this site. I am more than happy to trade for cards if you have something I am interested in (Please check my "Want List").  If you are wondering about my business practices... please feel free to check out my feedback on eBay.com.  I have been a member of eBay since 1999 and also have an eBay "ME" page on the site.

NOTE: Due to the limited nature of many of these cards, there is no guarantee that they will be in stock when you offer to trade. If someone buys a card, then it is no longer available for trade depending on inventory in stock.  As long as a card that has been ordered has NOT been processed then it is still up for trade!  So best thing you can do is email me to place a "HOLD" on a particular card if you want to trade!!  If you have purchased a card I usually process orders daily and ship out approximately 3-5 days after CLEARED payment.  Thanks!

If you are wondering what my most prized card(s) from Juicy Honey is I would have to say a complete 10-color set of Hotaru Akane all autographed (only 5 complete sets made). These are in my personal collection and are not for sale or trade... SORRY!!

When I have time I will try to get a list of my personal collection which I try to concentrate on these models and/or sets:

Hotaru Akane (JH6, SE)
Maria Ozawa (JH1, JH3, JH9, JHPE07, SE)
Mihiro (JH9)
Rio (JH8, JHPE07)


Juicy Honey '05 (Which is Juicy Honey 1)
Juicy Honey Premium Edition 2007

Please contact me if you have some items you wish to trade or sell.
Please include:

  • 1) Item(s) you want.
  • 2) Item(s) to trade.
  • 3) Item(s) to sell (with prices in US Dollars)