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I accept the following forms of payments:
  • Paypal in USD (Confirmed Mailing Address ONLY)
  • Postal Money Order in USD (No Other Money Orders Accepted)
  • Cash in USD (At buyers risk, not responsible for lost mail)

    All Prices are listed in US Dollars. As far as pricing is concerned, it is based on condition, rarity and supply. The "true" value of any item is what an individual is willing to pay for the item.

    Discounts are applied to your total order during checkout before shipping is applied. This discount schedule is not valid with any other discount, coupon or special offer.

    $50.01 - $100 = 5% discount
    $100.01 - $300 = 10% discount
    $300.01 and up = 15% discount

    There is a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the purchased item(s) and we will refund you the actual purchase price, less shipping. The returned item(s) must be the item(s) sent to you in the same condition. Request an RMA number and that you would like to return all or part of your order. You will be refunded your actual purchase price. (less shipping). There is one condition to the refund, If you are making a partial return, then the discount must not change.

    For example:

    Say your purchase 2 cards for $125 dollars
    $75.00 minus 10% = 67.50
    $50.00 minus 10% = 45.00
    Total equals 112.50 (discounted total)

    Let's say you return the $75.00 card you paid $67.50 for.
    Your total order before discount would be $50.00 not $125.00
    You would not receive any discounts on a $50.00 purchase.
    So your refund would be $62.50 for the $75.00 card.
    That is actual purchase price of $112.50 minus $50.00 (actual price of card kept, no discount)