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Want List

Below is a list of Juicy Honey Cards I am looking for.  I am more than happy to trade for cards on this "Want List".  If you have a card I am looking for, please check out my site and let me know what you are interested in.  Trades take top priority over sales so please email me so that I can put cards on hold for you!
Juicy Honey Cards

Aoi Sola SE 2
    Jersey Card Jf

Hotaru Akane SE
    DNA Card
    Bra Hook
    Juicy Photo (wearing red bikini like cards 1-9 from base set)
    Juicy Photo (wearing leopard bikini like cards 19-27 from base set)
    Juicy Photo (wearing white lingerie like cards 37-45 from base set)
    Juicy Photo (Any from the 10-color photo shoots)
    Juicy Photo (wearing blue bra/panties like cards 46-54 from base set)
    Message Card
Maria Ozawa SE
    10-color - 8, 9, 10
    DNA Card
    Message Card

Juicy Honey 6
    Hotaru Akane Jersey G

Juicy Honey Premium Edition 2007
        Big Jersey A
        Bra Hook
        Case Topper (Panty & Cheki)
        DNA A, B
        Nipple Print
        Bra Hook
        DNA A, B
        Bra Hook
        DNA B
        Kiss/Auto A, B
        Kiss A
Here are Sell Sheets I Need (Unfolded)!
JH1, JH2, JH3, JH4, JH5, JH6, JH7, JH8, JH9, JH10, JH11, JH12, JH13, JH14, JH15
JHBnB (Big n Beauty)
JH-CEL (Celebrities)
JHRE09 (Rookie Edition)
JHRE10 (Rookie Edition)
JHSE-AS1 (Aoi Sola)
JHSE-AS2 (Aoi Sola)
JHSE-HA (Hoatru Akane)
JHSE-KA (Kirara Asuka)
JHSE-MA (Mieko Arai)
JHSE-MO (Maria Ozawa)
JHSE-YA (Yuma Asami)
JHSE-YA2 (Yuma Asami)
JHPE-07 (Premium Editions)
JHPE-08 (Premium Editions)
JHPE-09 (Premium Editions)
JHPE-10 (Premium Editions)

Angel Kiss Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

Strawberry Lips Vol. 2
Other Singles, Inserts and Sets I am looking for:
    Promo 5, 6, 7, 8
    Promo 1, 2, 3, 4
    Maria Ozawa Premium Case Topper
    Hotaru Akane Autograph A, C, D
    Hotaru Akane Combo
    Hotaru Akane Jersey C (Parallel), G
    Hotaru Akane Message
    Rio Autograph Card A, B, C, D
    Rio Big Jersey
    Rio Bra Hook
    Rio DNA
    Rio Kiss/Autograph
    Rio Pinky Spot 7, 8
    Rio Quattro A

    Maria Ozawa Autograph Card A, B, D
    Maria Ozawa Big Jersey
    Maria Ozawa Bra Hook
    Maria Ozawa Case Topper AP-2
    Maria Ozawa DNA
    Maria Ozawa Event EVP-2/4
    Maria Ozawa Kiss
    Maria Ozawa Kiss/Autograph
    Mihiro Autograph C, D
    Mihiro Big Jersey
    Mihiro Bra Hook
    Mihiro DNA
    Mihiro Kiss
    Mihiro Kiss/Autograph
    Mihiro Pinky Spot 5, 6

    SP Set

    SP Set
    Base Set
    SP Set

JHPE09 (Premium)
    Base Singles 40, 41, 42

JHRE09 (Rookie)
    Base Set
    SP Set

JHRE10 (Rookie)
    Base Set
    SP Set

I collect MOSTLY Juicy Honey Cards and also:
Milky Angels 1
    Base Set
    SP Set
    Box Set
Milky Angel 2
    SP Set
    Box Set
Milky Angel 3
    SP Set
    Box Set
Milky Angel 5
    SP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
    Box Set
Milky Angel 6
Milky Angel 8
    Proof Card
Milky Angel 9
    Proof Card
Milky Angel 10
    Proof Card
Milky Angel Evolution Volume 2
    Box Set
    Base Sets for Volume 1 and 2

    8, 33, 42, 48, 68, 74
    SP 1, 4, 5, 8, 9
    Box 1, 3, 4, 5, 6...
Wrappers I am looking for:
Asami Yuma: Glamours Honey x9
Handa Sasa: Eden x9
Honoka: Love Connection x7
JH1 x9
JH2 x9
JH4 x9
JH5 x9
JH6 x9
JH8 x9
JH10 x9
JH11 x9
JH12 x9
JH13 x9
JH14 x9
JH15 x9
JH Celebrities x4
JH PE 09 x9
JH PE 10 x9
JH SE Aoi Sola Vol. 1 x9
JH SE Kirara Asuka x9
JH SE Yuma x9
JH SE Yuma II x9
Mihiro: Heartland x9
Mihiro: Volume 3 x9
Milky Angel 1 x9
Milky Angel 2 x9
Milky Angel 3 x9
Milky Angel 4 x9
Milky Angel 5 x9
Milky Angel 6 x9
Milky Angel 7 x9
Milky Angel 10 x9
Milky Angel Evolution 1 x3
Misako Yasuda x9
Naked Eye x9